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Traveling with Health Issues
For the millions of U.S. travelers
Get up and walk with major health conditions
around during preparing for travel requires
long flights and much more than simply
take frequent choosing a destination and
breaks at packing a suitcase.
highway rest Whether driving to a
areas when summer cottage or flying to a
traveling by car. family reunion, there are ways
to make traveling with a health
condition or with someone who is

managing a health condition, a

stress-free situation.

Travel anxiety can be

alleviated through careful

preparation by keeping the

focus on the exploration of new

destinations with family and will come in handy if unforeseen

friends, not on the minute-by-minute situations – flight delays, misplaced

management of a health condition. supplies or illness – should arise. And

Developing a plan is essential before never, never, pack medications or health

hitting the road and is especially care supplies in checked luggage. Use ice

essential for those with health concerns. packs or ask hotel personnel for a mini

Be ready for the unexpected, including fridge to keep medications cool.

delayed flights, traffic and lost Carry a letter from a health care profes-

luggage. Being a well-organized sional stating medical history, if you have

traveler is the key to having a fun and a metal implant. This type of letter can

relaxing vacation. easily be obtained through a health care

Wherever the destination, call ahead professional.

in order to fully understand how your Situations may arise that prevent eating

particular health care plan works in that at a regularly scheduled mealtime. Be

area. In case of an emergency, wear a pared by packing a small lunch, fruit,

medical identification bracelet and carry a crackers or Glucerna ® Shakes and Bars.

letter from a health care professional that If traveling to a time zone that’s a

outlines your medical conditions and three-hour change or greater, you may

allergies. need to modify the time your diabetes

Diabetics should pack twice as many medication or insulin is taken. Discuss

supplies and medications than would arrangements with a health care profes-

typically be needed. The extra supplies sional prior to traveling.

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