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Never, ever pack medicines in your check
luggage. Pack them in your carry on back
in their original containers when possible.

Be aware of Traveler’s Thombosis. Often called, airplane that has extra legroom. Some airlines require
“Coach Class Syndrome” deep vein thrombosis (DVT) an additional fee for premium seats, but the fee may be
is a blood clot that can occur as a result of being worth it to avoid feeling crammed.
immobile for long periods of time. Take frequent
breaks, get up walk around at least once every hour When making a hotel or cruise reservation, request a
whether traveling by automobile, plane or train. And handicapped accessible room or a room in close
always carry a bottle of water at all times to keep well proximity to the elevator.
When traveling with a health condition, whether
ARTHRITIS OR MOBILITY ISSUES diabetes, arthritis or another condition, careful
preparation and attentiveness is essential to keeping
Arthritis is the leading cause of disability in the U.S., the adventure in the journey.
with more than 40 million Americans having some
form of the condition. When traveling with arthritis or This information is provided courtesy of Abbott’s
joint inflammation, it is important to plan ahead to Ross Products Division, a world leader in nutrition.
ensure that special needs can be met. The family of adult nutritional products includes
Ensure ® , Glucerna ® and ZonePerfect ® . For more
When booking a flight, inquire about a seat on the information about Abbott’s Ross Products Division,

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