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The Germ of an Idea: What expertise can they bring to If committee members are
the table? spread across the country, how
Going from a casual conversation Are they dependable? do you meet? (Technology
with Aunt Edna about “starting a Are they organized? Video-conferencing, conference
reunion or getaway ” to turning it Are they aware of the calls, instant messaging or email
into a reality. importance of this task? – will be a big factor, especially
Making a commitment to follow for reaching the younger crowd
through and then taking on the Putting Together a or the busy working adults.)
reins of this project. (Passion is Formal Committee Who puts together the agenda
going to be the initial driving and what should be on it? (A
force.) Should it have a name? place to hold the reunion and its
Contacting people of like-mind Should there be officers? planning meetings should be at
and desire. (Twisting arms to get Should there be one person who the top of the list.)
people to be involved is never a acts as a whip? Setting a designated time for the
good idea.) Should there be one person who meeting to begin and end.
Creating a core group of is the designated decision-maker,
dedicated individuals to work or does everything go through Setting the Budget,
with you in this process: committee? Minding the Money
Should there be
What to Look for in This sub-committees? Create a budget for the reunion
Core Group: committee.
Planning That First Decide how to collect funds and/
What joint skills will you need to Form al Meeting or raise money for expenses.
make this successful? How should you budget for a
Where should it be held? committee?
What should be on the budget?
Should there be a special reunion
committee bank account?
What to do with any leftover
funds? Award s, Honors,
Who gets honored at a reunion
and for what?
Who pays for the awards and
how to raise funds for awards?
Develop the criteria for the
Should a special ceremony be
created for this or should it be
adjunct with something else?

If you’re hosting friends who will want a few days of pampering, or who
want a combination of laziness and activity, choosing a resort with a spa,
golf course, or other activities will be just as important as the room rate.

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