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Creating a Time Line attending. The Countdown to
Put together a survey (or decide Showtime
When should you start working if one is even necessary).
on this reunion? Here is a time line for planning
When should money be Don’t Forget the Elders your reunion. It is based on
required? schedules used by event and
When should hotel bookings Should something special be wedding planners who have lots
begin? done for them? of experience in organizing major
When should reservations be How should they be recognized? events. However, keep in mind
made for any public facilities or What role do they play in the that it is simply a guide, so make
meeting spaces you may require? reunion that goes beyond adjustments freely based on your
planning and implementation? personal needs.
Where to Stay Determine whether special
assistance or special-needs Planning 18-24 months
Check out hotels in the host city accommodations or travel before the reunion
that are willing to offer the best arrangements are necessary.
deal. Determine location and date of
Contract your group reservation. Fashion : What’s Best for reunion.
Get the host city and its chamber Success Send out lead information to
of commerce or convention and secure a hotel.
visitor’s association involved. Will there be T-shirts or special Respond to bid from hotel.
Form a committee and/or hire a hats for attendees? Begin compiling the family or
travel agent to do the legwork. Will there be fashion themes for friends’ database.
different events? Establish committees (if this was
Transportation: Getting Does the facility require a special not done at the previous
from Here to There dress code such as dinner jackets reunion).
for men? Send initial letter or e-mail to
Will you fly, drive, car-pool or Will there be a formal or potential attendees regarding
rent a bus? church-like dressup event? reunion date, location and hotel.
Should flights be booked as a Establish a “seed fund” if this is
group? Digging for History your first reunion.
Should a travel agent be Open a bank account if the
employed? What do you want to know about reunion will be a large one.
What discounts are available for the attendees?
groups using the same airline, car How far back do you want to Planning 18-12 months
rental company or bus line? reach? before the reunion
What tools will you need to do
Communications: this? Appoint a committee for site
Spreading the Word Is it worth consulting a profes- selections.
sional? Sign contracts with hotel and
Create a communications and How much of the group history other facilities.
marketing committee to keep all do you want to reveal? Determine sites for all meal
family members abreast of the Do you want to involve others functions.
plans for the reunion. who are not a member of the Sign contract for meal functions
Compile a newsletter replete family or group to participate in including those held on and
with “reporters” from all branches any way? off-site.
of the family to communicate Select travel agent to handle
news and happenings within group travel arrangements.
their particular wing. Send “save the date” information
Start a database of phone to potential attendees.
numbers, addresses, professions,
and even colleges where family
members have attended or are

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