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Negotiating the Hotel Space
One of the major decisions for making a
successful reunion—whether it’s a meeting,” says Shannon Munley-Foster, director of
family, military, class, fraternal, or sales, marketing and public relations of the Radisson
just a group of girlfriends getting Blu Warick Hotel in Philadelphia. “The people
together— the right hotel is essential. attending the reunion are close to you,” and that prior
Make the wrong choice and it could connection, Foster says, means the reunion planner has
spell disaster. Make the right choice, a big emotional investment. “After all, this reunion
could be the last for Grandma Hattie or aging

however, and a major hurdle to a great classmates.”

reunion has been cleared. Reunions are more than just large meetings, and

“There are different emotions involved when Foster says the planner should look at more than just

planning a reunion as opposed to planning a corporate the lowest hotel rate. “The hotel is more than just a

Shannon Munley-Foster, director of
sales, marketing and public relations
of the Radisson Blu Warick Hotel in
Philadelphia, discusses key elements
for planning a successful reunion.

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