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bed. It’s a vital part of the reunion experience,” she to guests who have traveled to take part in the reunion.
said. Determine if a free hotel room is offered once a set

For example, a hotel room outside the city is likely to number of rooms are booked.
be less expensive, but how will it compare to a Keep in mind that July is a big reunion month, so
property such as the Radisson Blu Warick Hotel which
is centrally located within walking distance of book your hotel early. Popular destinations may
entertainment, shopping and attractions. Selecting a require a reservation of 18-24 months prior to your
hotel close to nightlife can increase attendee interest desired date.
and participation as well.
When selecting a hotel, bring another member of the
Flexibility is one of the best methods of obtaining a selection committee to see the hotel. This will save
better rate for hotel accommodations. time when it comes to making the final location
“Can you hold the reunion in September rather than
May,” is a good question to ask, said Foster. “Or, can it To ensure there is no misunderstanding, get
be held on a different day of the week? All of these everything in writing regarding the rates and dates,
things will have an impact on hotel rates”. check in, check out, etc.

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW Honor your dates. Once you’ve agreed on a date,
don’t try to change it later. The hotel is working with
Ask the hotel sales manager if a complimentary room several groups, and, though it may seem harsh, yours is
can be provided to host a welcome reception for your just one of many.
group, and if complimentary refreshments such as
cookies and punch can be provided also. Little touches Plan conservatively and be realistic about your
like this may seem small, but they show appreciation numbers. If 100 people attended your last reunion, it
will be a stretch to expect twice that number this year.

Make sure there are enough
double beds if your group
consists of all couples and/or
sufficient single beds and baths
for single travelers and children.

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