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A spacious hotel lobby is a perfect place for guests to mingle.

For inter-generational HERE ARE A FEW TERMS YOU telephone. Negotiate your rate. Don’t pay
groups, make sure the SHOULD KNOW: rack rate.
accommodations satisfy
the safety for the babies Room Block – The number and type of Group Rates – Also known as net rates,
and toddlers and provide rooms the hotel will hold in reserve for you. this refers to the discounted room price
access for those with For example, they may hold 10 king-sized given to clients responsible for bringing in
mobility issues. Credit PTM rooms and 20 double-double rooms, that is, large amounts of business. Generally,
rooms with two double bed. groups of more than 10 rooms receive a
group rate.
Room Pickup – This is the actual number
of rooms you ultimately end up using. Flat rate – Refers to a single group rate for
all sleeping rooms. This rate may, or may
Breakouts – This commonly refers to the not include suites.
number of rooms used for concurrent
meeting sessions. Sliding scale – May also be called a
group rate. Discounted sleeping rooms
Rack Rates – This is the hotel’s official based on the type of guest rooms (single,
posted rate for its rooms. This is the rate double, twin, etc.) that will be used.
you’ll see published on its website or the
rate you’ll be quoted if you just call on the Food and Beverage – Includes meal

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