Cousins of Color in Nova Scotia, Canada

Halifax is a pretty and colorful city that I got to explore briefly over two days. Thanks to a half-day Your Cab minibus tour guided by Jonathan Duru, a first generation African-Canadian from Ghana, I got an in-depth insight into the communities from the past to the present. In the shadow of the MacKay suspension bridge, we trod through Seaview ...

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Carnival Glory

By P.J. Thomas Over the past decade, cruise ship companies like Carnival Cruise Lines have expanded the number of U.S. ports in which they dock and convenient places to board now include New York City, Baltimore, Norfolk, Va., New Orleans, Galveston, Texas and Mobile, Alabama. These locations allow travelers the opportunity to simply drive to the nearest port, park their ...

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Traveling With Children

by Robert D. Fertig Traveling with children can be a joy or an ordeal and the result depends a lot on proper planning.  Initially, ask for the child’s input as to where they want to go and what they want to see once you’ve narrowed down a couple of choices.  Allow them to help you finalized the destination by going ...

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Future Home of the American Tennis Association Unveiled in Fort Lauderdale

TdS Roman Bath

by Elmer Smith The 200 ATA members who trickled into the convention center were dwarfed by its soaring spaces. A wine and cheese reception awaited them on a mezzanine that overlooked a massive multi-storied atrium. But then the mahogany doors of the ballroom opened, revealing a vision that matched the magnitude of the cavernous space. Six architectural drawings depicting the ...

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