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Don’t leave your reunion to chance. Your friends, colleagues and family have traveled far so make this reunion the best one yet.                         Just $5 for Digital Edition with Step-by-Step Instructions Make This Reunion The Best One Ever Learn How to Negotiate with Hotels Choose the Right Accommodations ...

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Planning a Successful Reunion

A Gardner Reunion 2008

The Basics Though fun, reunion planning is a lot of work. Even those with the best intentions often can become stymied when trying to pull a gathering together. Many who have tried have vowed, “Never again!” While other families and friends seem to hold reunions regularly with seeming ease. What makes one group successful and other just a, “Hot Mess?” ...

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Make the reunion a REAL vacation

Vacation Homes as Hotel Alternatives By Pamela J. Thomas When you stay in an oceanfront beach house, or 10-bedroom villa, suddenly you’ve transformed what would could have been just an ordinary getaway into an extraordinary vacation experience. A rental rate of $8,000 or $10,000 may seem shocking at first, but divide that amount into 10 and you’re able to live ...

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