Five Must-Have Travel Apps

 Woman using cell phoneThe past few years have seen an expansion of technology that makes travel planning as easy as it’s ever been.

A click of the mouse leads to the best search engine for your particular needs and anyone can now do things that were once exclusive only to a travel agent.

There are also travel applications (apps) available on such mobile devices such as iPods, iPhones, iPads, and Androids, that not only help you plan, but guide you as you travel to, at, and from your destination.

Some of the apps cost a nominal amount, ranging from 99-cents to $2.00, and others are free.

The App Store that can be reached through your mobile device offers an extensive list of applications ranging from language tutorials, to restaurant calorie calculators and travel games for the kids.

The following are five travel apps you can use to help elevate your travel experiences and planning:

•       Kayak PRO – $0.99

Kayak PRO gives you one tool to compare the prices of every major travel website out there.  You can compare flight, hotel, and car rental deals. In addition to this, you can also book your hotel right on the app, as well as check your flight status, and manage your trip itinerary. If you don’t mind advertisements, install the free version of this app, otherwise it costs xxx.

•       TripIt – FREE

For absolutely NO cost, this app will automatically take all your trip details and create one truly helpful itinerary including confirmation numbers.  When you receive a confirmation email, simply forward it to the TripIt email and the app will add it to your itinerary. Easily share your itinerary to let family and friends know exactly where you’re headed.

•       Hotel Tonight – FREE

Some travel websites and travel apps won’t let you purchase same night bookings but this app is dedicated to finding hotel rooms up to 70-percent off that you can book the same-day. Just specify where you’re headed and for how long, the app will then give you a list of inexpensive hotel rooms. Hotel Tonight also features 24/7 real-person customer support via phone, email, or in-app chat.

•       iExit Interstate Exit Guide – $0.99

For those who like road trips, iExit tells you where the closest gas station, bathroom, restaurant, hotel, etc is located. It then provides directions to the location and a phone number to call. iExit requires the internet or a GPS and is meant for use on the Interstate.

•       Roadside America – $2.99

If you’re one of those travelers who get in the car and go without a preplanned itinerary, this app is just for you because it provides quirky little details such as the world’s largest and smallest sites near your location. It also allows you to explore over 70 plus categories or just look at the map.