Las Vegas Welcome Sign 3/30/11

A Las Vegas Sampler

By Susan M. Keenan

Las Vegas, even during the summer, is exciting. The constant addition of ultra-luxe hotels combined with inexpensive flights from nearly every major U.S. gateway makeLas Vegas fun.

That’s why it was unbelievably horrific to think people would be kill by a crazed sniper while simply enjoying a concert.

Twenty-five hotels are located along the Las Vegas strip. Yeah, some of the are cheesy, but that’s part of the fun.

Hotels include five-star accommodations such as Mandarin Oriental and The Palazzo Las Vegas. Each hotel on the strip comes with its own unique set of amenities that even include deluxe stays for the family pet. Staybridge Suites Hotel, a pet-friendly hotel, has rates starting at $152per night.

There are also two-star accommodations that provide the simple and basic amenities needed for rejuvenating in between sightseeing, exploring and simply having fun.Narrowing down your choice of hotel may be as simple as deciding whether you need a fitness room or a pool, a hotel restaurant or a pet boarding service.

Special deals are offered to lure eager visitors to select one hotel over another.Two-for-one dinners are at the top of the enticements. Other deals include resort credit to enjoy during your stay, food and beverage credit and two-for-one tour specials. Whatever the pleasure of the hotel guest, Las Vegas has a lot to offer.From a taste of France at the Paris to a sampling of Egypt at the Luxor, a one-night stay may not be long enough to sample flavorful French cuisine or gaze upon authentic Egyptian replicas of tombs.

Water worshippers can revel in 15 spacious acres at a Caribbean-style water playground at the Flamingo.Chilean flamingos greet hotel guests who venture out to the wildlife habitat to visit with other fine-feathered friends, including swans and African penguins. Pools at the Flamingo include the Beach Club Pool and the Go-Pool.

The Flamingo’s spa and fitness center offers a relaxing sauna and a good workout for hotel guests and an array of massage services. The Spa at Flamingo offers an array of rejuvenating amenities, separated by gender for your comfort, such as the following: three whirlpool tubs set at different temperatures, eucalyptus steam room, sauna, relaxation area, iced towels and tea, with these and other services starting as low as $20.

Dining pleasures include a sampling of Mexican food at the popular Carlos’n and Charlie’s,or succulent steak at the Center Cut Steakhouse.