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Ten Foolproof Tips for Traveling with Your Pets

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“No Pets Allowed” signs are becoming a rarity as more and more pet owners have expressed a desire to travel with their pets. According to the Travel Industry Association, 70 percent of pet owners would like to travel with their pets, and the hospitality industry has made great strides in helping to accommodate these members of the family. Traveling with your pet can be fun, but requires attention to a special set of guidelines.

Dr. Peter Weinstein, medical director at Veterinary Pet Insurance, strongly recommends the
following when traveling with your pet to ensure that everyone stays happy, healthy and safe:
1. Pets should always have complete vaccinations well before you make a
journey. Schedule a visit to your veterinarian and allow sufficient time prior to your trip to
discuss diseases or problems that might exist where you are traveling and that don’t exist
at home. For example, Lyme and heartworm diseases are prevalent in certain areas of the U.S.
2. When traveling by car, plan for twice as many rest stops as you would for a small child. Pets
need ample time to stretch their legs and to go to the bathroom.
3. Avoid motion sickness by only feeding your pet a small meal a few hours before leaving for
your trip. Also, start with short local trips and gradually increase the time before a long trip.
4. Bring plenty of fresh water whenever you travel with your pet and
factor in potential emergencies. .Always bring extra food and snacks for the road.
5. Safety belts and harnesses are good for securing small dogs in vehicles, but the safest way for
your dog to travel is secured in a crate in your back seat or cargo area in an SUV. Dogs should
never travel in the open bed of a pickup truck.
6. If your trip includes an overnight stay, research pet-friendly hotels first and have a full
understanding of what accommodations are available for them, as well as any extra charges that
may apply.
7. Some airlines require pets to have a health certificate before they can fly – make sure you
check first. Each airline’s policy differs, so plan accordingly. Also, find out if the airline will fly
your pet during weather extremes – hot or cold. Finally, make sure your pet’s nails have been
recently clipped to prevent them from hooking onto the carrier door or other openings.
8. Make sure your pet has a strong collar and identification tag, and include information about
your destination should you get separated. Also, it’s a good idea to microchip a pet to aid in re-
locating it. Also, remember to carry a current photo of your pet along with the
health certificates and inoculation records.
9. Never leave a pet in a car on warm or hot days. Temperatures in cars
are at least 20 degrees above the outside temperature and heatstroke or
death can result.
10. Prepare for the unexpected and enroll your pet with a Veterinary
Pet Insurance policy. VPI policies allow you to go to any licensed
veterinarian worldwide, which will give you great peace of mind should
an accident or illness occur on the road.
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