If there’s one thing Fiji takes pride in, besides its wonderful blend of cultures, are its miles of diverse breathtaking beaches, from golden sand beaches to ashen coral sand shores dripping into breathtaking blue lagoons to the volcanic black beaches, and little inlets to escape to. Fiji beaches are among the world’s most excellent getaways that put forward a unique opportunity to be among natures most magnificent wonders.

Turtle Island
Turtle Island is gifted with fourteen naturally-occurring white sandy beaches, eight of which are on-hand for private picnic, as well as a number of palm bordered beaches. A traveler’s time in Turtle Island could be spent with a stroll along its stunning beaches, or swim in its clear turquoise waters, or peacefully swing on hammocks that overlook one of the fascinating blue lagoons and white sand beaches.

Some of the dramatic Fiji beaches on Turtle Island include Columbia Beach, Cove Beach, North Beach, Shell Beach, Honeymoon Beach, Rose Beach, and Dolphin Beach.

Matamanoa Island
One of the eye-catching Fiji beaches can be found on Matamanoa Island, which is a little, intimate and private Fiji resort nestled in the superb islands of Mamanuca just about thirty-kilometers west of Nadi International Airport. Matamanoa is noticeable by its lovely horseshoe-shaped white sandy beach, as well as its volcanic rock cone peak.

Natadola Island
Recently voted as among the top ten beaches of the world, Natadola is where one can find one of the most admirable Fiji beaches in Viti Levu. Although the beaches of the island are fairly undeveloped at this point in time, major resort hotels are already considering taking advantage of the gorgeous spot.

Tokoriki Island Resort
The resort has one of the most spectacular Fiji beaches that nestle on the island chain of the Mamanuca, surrounded by striking crystal clear waters. Imagine the resort’s one-thousand meters of white sand beach, sparkling lagoons, and awesome coral gardens, which offers an intimate romantic escape, as well as a playground for discriminating travelers.

Wakaya Island
Fringed sheer cliffs, azure lagoons, and almost three dozens shell sprinkled beaches that gather one of the most luxurious and exclusive hideaways in the world is the Wakaya Island. The picturesque Wakaya luxury resort is nestled on a two-thousand-two-hundred acre of privately owned island, which will make for a wonderful escape experience.

Amidst the amazing Fiji beaches and beautiful natural sceneries, is the charming blend of cultures that makes Fiji a great travel destination.